The book Fierce Authenticity: Show Up. Be Seen. Get Love. is a powerful book about how to get the love you have always dreamed of. 

In this book, relationship therapist and spiritual teacher, Shirani M. Pathak, shares what the practice of fierce authenticity is, how it will help you experience the love you have always desired, and the steps you can take towards opening up yourself to that love. 

You will learn from Shirani's personal experiences, as well as the experiences of those with whom she has worked. Shirani shares these stories with a no-nonsense, yet still incredibly humorous and engaging approach that is bound to help readers worldwide relate to the book. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

When will the book be released?

Fierce Authenticity: Show Up. Be Seen. Get Love. launches August 21, 2019.

What format will the book be available in?

Our first release of the book will be available in both print and ebook versions.

Will there be a course we can take?

Yes. For those who wish to take the work deeper, a course will be available once the book launches. 

Where will we be able to buy the book?

Fierce Authenticity is available at Barnes & Noble online, Amazon.com, select other ebook retailers, at your library, and also, through special order by going in to your local bookstore and requesting they order it. :)